Website help

The website is split into sections which can be accessed from the navigation bar at the top of the page. Each section of the site has a navigation bar to the left of the page from which you can access further pages in the section.

There is a breadcrumb trail as a navigation tool so that you can easily distinguish where you are in the site, this is displayed at the top of the page below the main headings. Click any of the titles in the breadcrumb trail to go to that page. For example, clicking "Home" will take you to our homepage.

There is also a Sitemap to enable fast navigation and to obtain an overview of the website. A sitemap is a set of ordered text links allowing fast access to any part of the website. Follow this link to view the Sitemap

This website has been designed as close to current W3C web standards as possible and should work on all modern browsers. It has been tested on Internet Explorer 6 & 7 for Windows, Safari for Mac and Firefox for Windows and Linux. If you have any problems viewing the site please contact us with details of your browser and the problems you are having.

Where possible the W3C Accessibility guidelines have been followed in the design of this website, in order to allow a more reliable viewing experience to a wider audience.

Accessibility is an ongoing process and feedback is an important part of it. If you find any aspect of our website difficult to use for any reason, please contact us.