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Unstoppable ­

Bikes built to handle everything nature has to throw at them, be it on road or off.
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Fitness on two wheels.

Motorcycling is a sport. The power-to-weight ratio, acceleration and braking power, the speed of the bike through the air, the forward tilt of the body. Taking it to the limits, taking no prisioners - but accepting no compromise.
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When thousands of miles are not enough...

To tour on a motorcycle is to experience a unique sensation - cornering, accelerating, listening to the sounds and experiencing the sense of companionship with your pillion passenger as you glide through endless miles of magnificent landscape.
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Own the city.

An unfaired bike represents the purest form of motorcycling. Unadulterated authenticity for the traditionalists, with a clear view of the technology for the purists.
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High Performance

When visions become reality.

This is where high-end technology meets a passion for motorcycling in its purest form.
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